Is this what you wanted?

The Prince of Egypt (1998)
sailor soldier outfits are fun to play around with. i forget where i saw the poofy dress, but i thought it’d be great on jupiter since she sets a more tomboyish tone. 
new sketchbook !
ely and theros. i’m aware that i pretty much do a whole bunch of headshots on white backgrounds with characters either looking to the left or right. but you do what ou love, ok. ely is super fun to draw because their hair is constantly changing due to dissatisfaction. theros is fun to draw because he has the long, flowing black locks of pocahontas. aliens with big noses! aliens with big noses!!
more stuff from the sketchbook (which will likely deserve a redraw sometime in the near future, this wasn’t as smooth as i wanted it to be). life, death (in their corporeal forms, apparently), cosmic dances and things about the end of the world, all that fun jazz. must. fix. hands.