"What’s your greatest struggle as a teacher?""I have to be strict to help them improve. But if I’m strict, they think I’m against them."(Kampala, Uganda)
a teenager told me i should make a webcomic about my life, so it might happen. #illustration #sketchbook
A species divided against itself cannot stand. A planet divided against itself cannot stand.
Carl Sagan, Billions and Billions (via whats-out-there)

Kim Seo Ryoung 14 F/W Image Book ‘Ego trip’

… Here is one of the largest objects that anyone will ever see on the sky. Each of these fuzzy blobs is a galaxy, together making up the Perseus Cluster, one of the closest clusters of galaxies. The cluster is seen through a foreground of faint stars in our own Milky Way Galaxy. Near the cluster center, roughly 250 million light-years away, is the cluster’s dominant galaxy NGC 1275, seen above as a large galaxy on the image left. A prodigious source of x-rays and radio emission, NGC 1275 accretes matter as gas and galaxies fall into it. The Perseus Cluster of Galaxies, also cataloged as Abell 426, is part of the Pisces-Perseus supercluster spanning over 15 degrees and containing over 1,000 galaxies…

We are GROOT by Kate-FoX
a person’s a person no matter how small
Dr. Seuss, a pro-choice advocate who publicly donated to Planned Parenthood and actively sued pro-life organizations for using this as a slogan. Stop using this to justify your bullshit pro-life ideals. Not even the original author of the phrase agrees with you.   (via sarcasmdrips)